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Due to high deductibles and types of insurance that patients carry sometimes it makes more financial sense to pay for services with out submitting it to your insurance. 

The state of Nebraska is a direct access state.  This means that you have access to a physical therapist without a medical doctor's permission.  This however is complicated by the fact that most insurance companies require a script from a physician to submit payment for the services. However, if you are self-paying patient, a referral from a medical doctor is not required. 

Direct Access:
Self-Pay Sessions

Do-I-Need-Help: 0-15 min FREE screen

Get-Me-Started: 15-30min abbreviated evaluation with home exercise print out.

I-Need-Help: 30-45min full treatment

Self-Pay Services: 

If you have any questions about these services or inquire about updated fees, please contact the office at 402-387-1600.

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